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Blooming Through Crisis

Hear how our banker pushed through PPP funding for a new client in distress

Newsworthy Partnerships

Minneapolis/St. Paul JournalWe partnered with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal to share the stories of how we are Making the Possible, Possible for our customers. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW
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Personal Banking

At Crown Bank there are no wait times and no automated responses. We know our clients names and they know they can count on us to answer the phone. Your wealth management team will help you utilize your assets to live the life you envision, by making the possible, possible.


Crown Bank offers a variety of private checking options designed for your banking needs.


Our savings accounts offer you various ways of growing your money and saving for your future.

Personal Lending

We offer flexible lending options to meet your present financial needs and future goals.

Online and mobile banking

Access to all of your accounts on-the-go. Simple solutions whenever, wherever you need.

Saving Accounts

Money Market Savings

This account has a tiered interest rate structure; accounts with higher balances earn more interest.

Time Deposit Account

Our time deposit accounts are available for those with funds to invest for extensive periods of time. 

You invest in us, we invest in people.

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