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Paul Moen was recently named CFO of the year by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

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Minnesota’s Community Bank

Here at Crown Bank your relationship with us is a partnership and the relationship we build is an investment. We fundamentally believe that investing means you should get back more than you put in. Whether it’s personal banking or business banking, we promise our partnership entails growth.

Principled Management

Since 2000, we’ve built a reputation for being accessible to our business partners; from giving out our personal phone numbers, to answering calls and emails at all hours of the day – all in the service of growing our partnership and your business.

Crown Bank is home to seasoned bankers who make your business their business – and help your business grow.

Personalized Experience

We pride ourselves in providing a relationship-driven service to our clients. A testament to our dedication to building deeper relationships with our clients is that may of our initial clients who joined us when we opened in 2000 are still with us today.

Here at Crown Bank we are a business bank and a private bank. We work with you to provide the financial services you need to achieve your goals. Our banking is relational not transactional.

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