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Blooming Through Crisis

Hear how our banker pushed through PPP funding for a new client in distress

Newsworthy Partnerships

Minneapolis/St. Paul JournalWe partnered with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal to share the stories of how we are Making the Possible, Possible for our customers. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW
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Making the Possible, Possible

At Crown Bank, we want to be partners in your possibilities. Because possibilities are what the future is made of. It’s why our goal is to turn your ideas, your dreams, your plans, your potential into reality.

From something as personal as growing your savings, to something as big as growing your business, our bankers and staff have the expertise and energy to partner with you to make that happen.

You’re in Good Company

Finding the right banker for you is an investment, and like any good investment we believe that means you should get back more than you put in.

We are Minnesota’s community banking experts in private banking, financial services and commercial banking. Our exceptional team provides you with a streamlined, straightforward, and intuitive experience. With Crown Bank, you’ll always have an attentive and innovative partner at your service.

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Financial Services

 Building relationships that allow small businesses to thrive.


Private Banking

Organizing your assets
helps you plan for your future.


There’s a reason our customers call us
the best community bank for small businesses.

Empowering Possibilities

“I thought it was smart to work with a big, national bank with their resources, but we got burned. We turned to Crown Bank, my community bank, when we needed answers, and I feel so grateful they are working around the clock to help small businesses like mine.”

John Puckett, Punch Pizza

Knowing that I have a partner in Crown Bank that will be right there with me to let us say yes to opportunities and offer a funding mechanism is really important.

— Rob Laughlin, President, Sunburst

What can we make possible for you?