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Construction Financing

Construction Financing

Short-term funds for building possibilities

You are ready to start constructing or enhancing your business, and need short-term financing to break ground. We can help.

If you are a small business owner looking to construct or modernize a facility, we can provide the funds to bring your blueprint to life.

Construction Plans

What is construction financing?

Constructing or modernizing a building can be costly. Sometimes referred to as a construction mortgage, construction loans are specialized financing designed to fund your project. Funds are provided to builders or business owners as a short-term line of credit to cover the costs throughout the construction phase. Funds can be used for either modifying a building already in use, or constructing a building from the ground up. Our competitive interest rates are only applied to the portions of the loan that are used.

Why apply for a construction loan?

  • Make upgrades to modernize your company’s facility.
  • Build a new facility to grow your business.
  • Expand your building to accommodate a growing workforce.