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Hear how our banker pushed through PPP funding for a new client in distress

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We offer a variety of checking accounts that provide you with an intuitive banking experience.

Checking Accounts

Small Business Checking

This basic and simple account is best suited for the small business owner. The account is limited to 50 paid checks per month and no more than 50 deposited items during the monthly statement cycle.

Business Checking

For businesses with large monthly account activity, we’ve designed this standard business checking account. We offer an earning credit to offset maintenance, service, and item processing fees.

Client Trust Account

We offer this account to law firms and realtors required to establish an account for pooled client funds. This account requires the maintenance of a separate Crown Bank account for its other banking needs.

Saving Accounts

Money Market Savings

Our money market savings account is for businesses with funds for investment purposes. This account has a tiered interest rate structure; accounts with higher balances earn more interest.

Time Deposit Account

Our time deposit accounts are available for clients with funds to invest for extensive periods of time. Maturities are structured to meet your needs.

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