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Boutique Testimonial

Citrus Systems is squeezing out more fresh juice and profits with Crown Bank at their side

Citrus Systems Founder, Tom Boehland

Citrus Systems Founder, Tom Boehland, meets with Crown Bank President/COO, Jeff Wessels, and Crown Bank Senior Vice President, Ashley Dolphin.

From selling bag-in-box juices from a 10×10 storage unit to producing 35 million gallons of juices and teas, Citrus Systems has a story worth celebrating—and Crown Bank has been a trusted partner along the way.

Tom Boehland, founder of Citrus Systems, grew his college dream into a multimillion dollar business that continues to grow, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Boehland understands the importance of having a nimble and responsive banking partner he could count on, which is why he trusts Crown Bank for all his banking needs.

According to Boehland, “you gotta believe in your banker and the banker has to believe in you.”

Read their full story here—and see why Citrus Systems chooses Crown Bank to be their banking partner.